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pdfmenot.gifIf you have a PDF file but you don’t want to use any software to open it, the only solution you have is to convert such a file, thanks to an online application, into a flash webpage readable directly from your preferred browser. Thanks to PdfMeNot reading a PDF file without using Adobe Reader (which, in some cases, slow your computer down) is not impossible anymore. As a matter of fact this nice website lets you converter any PDF documents located on your computer or in any website with a couple of simple steps. But PdfMeNot goes beyond all this. In fact, it lets you download a Firefox extension to have such an important resource always at hand in your browser. Besides, if you are a webmaster PdfMeNot may be very helpful to you. In fact, if you want your visitors to read important PDF documents within your blog’s pages, you can do it by embedding a special code provided by PdfMeNot once a certain document has been converted. Look at the example here. I like this website a lot and I strongly recommend it to bloggers who are always looking for applications to embed documents and pics in their blogs in an easy and painless way.

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  1. Ramin Lohrasbi Says:

    I want to see your software

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