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hulu.jpgA few days ago Hulu has gotten out of its beta version to become a new stable reality in the Internet. But what is Hulu? Hulu is nothing new, to tell you the truth. In fact is another online TV. What makes it different in comparison to other services like this, is that it broadcasts quality videos coming from many famous American TV companies such as Fox and NBC (and maybe even Disney and CBS in the future), just to name two of the most important ones. So, this is the real news. Its website just broadcasts famous cartoons, movies, documentary and sport events. Yes, you understood that right. In fact, Hulu is working hard to add contents from the NBA, NHL and NCAA championship, and it is even trying to put online all the most important matches and events from the last 25 years. What are you waiting for? Watch your free movies, without the any cable, now!

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