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blue.pngAt work as well as at home you spend a lot of time on your computer, but what happen when you are away from it and you want to keep your stuff off indiscreet eyes? One solution is to turn the pc off. The other solution, which could be called a “geeky solution” is to use a small program called Blue Lock. I have to admit that the guy who made it is a genius, really! As a matter of fact he had the bright idea to link your machine to your bluetooth equipped phone. When you go away from your desk you take your phone with you. You pc don’t smell the bluetooth radio signal in the air anymore, and automatically turn itself off. From the Blue Lock website: “Blue Lock is an application that locks your Windows PC if a particular Bluetooth device is not detected. For example, if you register your Bluetooth mobile phone with the program but then move away from your desk, the program will detect your phone is out of range and automatically lock your system, requiring the password to be entered to reactivate the system. Full Delphi source code is provided.” Now, isn’t this the smartest idea you have ever heard about? Download it now for free!

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One Comment to “Lock your computer with Blue Lock”

  1. Grr Says:

    Wow, cool…this is a great thing I’m coming across..

    Thanks for u to share it..

    I’m going to try it…

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