Open your FTP website for free with AnyClient

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logo.gifGot a website or a blog? How many times do you need to check your FTP site just to see if everything is allright or to transfer files, documents, pics etc? Hundreds, right? If you are at home you don’t have any problem because you have your nice FTP program, but what happen if you are at work or worse, if you are at the airport? The solution, in this case, is pretty easy thanks to AnyClient. AnyClient is a nice website that lets you open your FTP site for free, without any software installation and with a few easy steps! Reading from the website: “AnyClient is a web based service designed to provide users with a file transfer client that requires no installation, is multi-platform and can connect to servers using various protocols including FTP, FTPS, SFTP and WebDAV. AnyClient may also be downloaded and run locally. See Download section for available installers.”

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