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v2-en.pngBut what does OCCT stand for? Simple, it means OverClock Checking Tool and lets you check your CPU stability, just in case you applied some little hack in order to overclock your CPU. This simple, but rather effective freeware software, is quite rich of features, which let you constantly keep an eye on your computer inner services to make sure everything is running all right. I also like its simple interface which make easy, even for a person with little knowledge, use it with no problems. But let’s see in details all its specs:

  • 3 different test types
    • CPU = no RAM tested, alot of heat generated on the CPU, errors are usually CPU-centered
    • RAM = Maximum error detection, tests the whole chain CPU-Chipset-Memory
    • Mix = CPU and RAM alternated
  • 3 tests modes
    • Auto = 1h long Mix test
    • Custom (Infinite) = Infinite loop of the test type of your choice
    • Custom (fixed) = A test of the type of your choice, and of a duration of your choice

If you want to download it click here.

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