SMS automatic response for your Treo 600 and 650

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ludus.gifIf you own one of the gorgeous Treo 600 or 650 you know that, with the release of the super gorgeous Treo 700w, many new, exciting features are available to the lucky owners of this new model. Two of the most wanted ones are, without any doubt, SMS response and Voicemail pad (VMP). I have to confess you that, when the Treo 700w hit the market, as a proud owner of a Treo 650, I was quite envious of these two features which missed in my Palm device. Things were going to change anyway. As a matter of fact a not-very-famous company (which is strongly committed to develop Palm software) called Ludos released a nice piece of software called LudosW. Let’s see its most important features:

  • SMS response (Yeah!): When you can not take a phone call, LudosW will send a customised SMS to the caller, signaling you are buys or in a meeting. This feature is completely customizable and it lets you send different messages to different numbers, automatically substitute personalized information-first name, last name, or even company from your Contacts. Of course it also sends automatic SMS.
  • Voicemail Pad (again, Yeah!):Why should you remember all those annoying voicemail key presses, when LudosW can do it for you? This feature gives you the chance to automatically enter the password for you when you pop up VMP. It can change the buttons to suit your needs and comes with presets for the major carriers built-in.

If you want to download it click here.

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