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mini-2l.jpgAs you all know, Asus is the company which invented the nice, sexy and cheap Asus Eee. Today Asus wants to amaze us with another piece of hardware which, I am pretty sure, is going to be a hit in the market soon. Its name is NOVA LITE Mini 2L and it is a micro Pc. Do you remember what I said to you last year? No? Ok, I am going to say it again. Soon the new trend, after cheap ultraportables, will be micro Pc. Now, I don’t have any Nostradamus capabilities here, but keep in mind what I just said to you. This new little computer measures just 9.09- x 7.24- x 2.00-inches and weight just 3.3 pounds. The micro Pc sports up to 2GB of DDR2 RAM, 80GB / 160GB hard disk, DVD burner, Wifi and USB 2.0 ports. No word about its price or release date. By the way, what does it remind you? If you ask me I would say that it looks like the Wii, isn’t it? I woudn’t be surprised if the guys at Asus did that on purpose. How many iPhone-like have we seen around so far?

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