Is Sony full of…crapware?

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So this is the funniest news I have ever reported. You have to know that everytime a person buys a laptop from Sony, the company itself has the wonderful idea to stuff the nice brand new machine with a lot of crapware. I had this bad experience last year when I decided to buy a Sony Vaio at BestBuy (it was not for me, but for a relative of mine). When I got it ,well, it was so full of bloatware namely shareware software, free software I didn’t care about, software inviting you to buy other software etc that to just turn it on, it took me some minutes. I had to spend a good hour to uninstall all that stuff, just to find out that Windows Vista was so compromised because of that software I removed, that in the end I had to make a fresh install. Of course what I went through was also true for all those people buying a new laptop from Sony as well, and I bet the company received many complaints. Now the company, which is not deaf to people’s complaints, but at the same time thinks users are like cows to milk, has got the nice idea to deliver you a free-crapware laptop just if you pay 50 bucks!!! This nasty thing is called “Fresh Start” and it is available as an option for TZ2000. Of course it will be extended to all its laptops as well. Is Sony going nuts or are they just thinking we are stupid? I don’t really know. The only thing I know is that Sony is full of…crapware!

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