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I know that this topic maybe of no or very little interest, above all to people who know very little about blogging, SEO and Google pagerank. I also think that bloggers may find this tool useless or boring since there are tons of them promising you to predict your pagerank. Anyway the reason why I posted it here is because I have been looking for a tool like that for a lot of weeks. Since I successfully found it, I decided to share this little discovery with you. What makes this pagerank predictor different in comparison to the many available on the Internet is that…it works! True, there are many tools like, but the majority of them don’t work or are smart trap to spam your blog. This one promises you to predict your pagerank accurately giving you, at the same time, the number of backlinks and the accuracy percentage. Enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE: This tool will provide an estimation of the future PageRank and should not be considered precise.
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