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Since I am always looking for something original and nice to add to my website, namely widgets and small services to give my readers something new to play with, today I want to speak of some widgets I found on the nice, but rather simple website called whos.among.us. These widgets are not really widgets to tell you the truth. In fact they are just pieces of codes to copy and past wherever you want on your blog (no installation is required). Anyway the results and the effects they give you are the ones belonging to widgets for real! You have to know that I have been looking for a widget giving me the exact location of my online readers and the exact number of them for a long time. I have to confess you that I am really piky when it comes to choose something to add to my blog, since I don’t want to burden it with too many features which sometimes can slow it down. A few days ago I stumbled upon whos.among.us and I was really amazed at what it offered me. Let’s see together these widgets in detail:

  • Whos: This little widget gives you and your readers the chance to know how many people are online in your blog. You can choose among different kinds of stickers. You can choose the colors and the shape of the widget itself to adapt it to your blog’s feel and look.
  • Maps: With it, you can add your blog a map showing where you readers comes from. The map itself is highly customisable. In fact you can choose its colors and dimensions. I decided to choose a small map for my blog because I wanted to put it in the frontpage for everybody to see. If you want to you can click on it to see the map bigger and see where the readers come from in a more effective way.
  • Graphs: This is not a real widgets. It is rather an extra service coming from the other two widgets. It is a graphic showing you statistics of the people visiting your blog. You can choose the lapse of time to see: 24 hours, 31 days, 12 months, 5 years. The graph also shows you the minimum, the maximum and the average of your readers in a due period.

I like these widgets. They are simple, effective and no special knowledge is required. All widgets should be like that. Just copy the code provided and you are done! I recommend it to everyone!

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3 Comments to “Whos.among.us’ widgets”

  1. jojo Says:

    hello, i have another question…
    why is everybody able to see the stats? this informations are important for the site admin and not for the users…

    is there any option to make it invisible for users?

  2. littlebo_geek Says:

    heys, i heard about whos.among.us by a friend of mine. so i thought id put the little widget up on my blog even if nobody reads it, and it turns out people do! yeah, its a suprise for me. but i just have this one problem, like when im checking the graph for when people visted my site i dont know how to use the hours. is there some kind of system? at first i thought it was a 24 hr time.but when i tried to use that formula it didnt work, maybe it’s because i live in california and it goes by another timezone.

  3. rizzy Says:

    Its the best of its kind.

    rizzy´s last blog post..Duck Fetus Dinner

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