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wordpress.jpgSo, this is the news of the day. The much awaited WordPress 2.5 is finally out. This new version can be considered a real milestone, bringing the end-users lots of new features above all in the back-end side. If you want to know more about this new version, you can read this page. For a brief list of its features read this page. Keep in mind that WordPress also adds new interesting features as far as WordPress themes are concerned. If you want to know if your theme can support the new WordPress, or if you just want to know what to add in your code theme in order to take advantage of its new features, visit this page. Anyway, for your peace of mind, the only thing you will have to do, as far as your theme is concerned, is to add this code in the comment loop:

<?php if(function_exists('get_avatar')){ echo get_avatar($comment, '50'); } ?>

This piece of code will enable your theme to show avatars next to each comment. If you want to know more about new features related to WordPress themes, read this article. To check if your theme is conformed to the norms or standards defined by various organizations, read this article.
For a complete list of those plugins working with WordPress 2.5 visit this page. If you want to run some preliminary checks in order to see if your blog is ready to be upgraded, you can use this plugin. As a general rule, before upgrading back up your blog and its database. As far as I am concerned, I think I will wait some more time before upgrading my blog. In fact this new version is far from being perfect (this works for all new releases of course) and I want to be sure everything is really ok. So, I will just upgrade when the 2.5 Sp1 version will come out. One of the flaw which is constantly reported by users during these hours, is a problem with the Media Section. Whenever you upload an image or look at the gallery, none of the image previews is shown. Plus, one of the plugins this blog uses namely Simple Tags, is reported to work funny sometimes. Read this page to know more about Simple tags’ bugs. Anyway the general WordPress 2.5 feel and look is nice, smooth and more effective. I really like this new version of WordPress. It provides the blogger with a lot of new tools and features to tune, organize and manage its blog. Once again, well done WordPress!

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