Theme Maker for Nokia N800 and N810

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Got bored with your Nokia N810 theme? Wish you were able to make one by yourself for free, but you do not know anything about programming? Well, with Theme Maker by Urho Konttori now you can customize your Nokia device’s skin to no end! This nice application lets you customize the background and the general feel and look of your N-device in a few easy steps. All you need is a program like Gimp or Photoshop and a little patience. Reading from Urho Konttori’s blog: “Basically, it’s all about editing one single image file”…”and then setting the theme details in Theme Maker”…”And Clicking build in theme maker. It will produce a nice installable .deb file of your theme. Just copy that to your device (or publish it … whynot) and install it as normal.”. With Theme Maker won’t be impossible to give your N810 your personal touch anymore! If you want to download it or know more about it click here.

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