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picapp.jpgPicApp is a nice website, in perfect Web 2.0 style, which lets you pick up the best pictures available in the Internet for free. If you are a blogger you know only too well how difficult it is to choose a photo from the Internet since, in most cases, it is copyrighted. One solution is to use this nice plugin (if you have WordPress) that gets all the picture you want from Flickr. Anyway, if you are looking for a simpler solution, PicApp is for you. But lets see how it works. Once you are in the website you don’t have to do anything apart providing an e-mail. In fact, no registration is required. You can start getting your pics right away. But if you think to get the pic itself you are wrong. PicApp lets you use a photo but not the file itself. That’s why it provides you a code you have to copy and paste wherever you want in your blog. Remember, you can not save any file. Furthermore the pictures include an advertising mechanism to facilitate royalties to the content owners. Of course there was some kind of trick, right? Nothing is for free, but in this case the fee to pay is very little. As a matter of fact, these pics are quite nice and in some cases show actors, famous people, politicians etc. In a word, they could cost you a leg and an arm if you would buy them! Anyway it is a good service just flawed by this little advertising. If you are a pro blogger you can find this website of no use, since it doesn’t provide any file to save, but if you are a beginner this site could save you hours of search through the Web!

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One Comment to “Free pictures for bloggers with PicApp”

  1. Technology hacker Says:

    it is ok as of now but it do not provide the images that could best fit into ur blog

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