Easter eggs in Vista

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benchmark.pngI bet you didn’t know that Vista has, nested among its codes, some nice Easter eggs to play with. Ok, they are not games, or amazing graphic effects, but anyway they are nice to display on your screen. Moreover they can benchmark your computer and see how powerful it is in terms of graphics. Microsoft, which is always looking for seriousness even in those places where there is not need to look for it, likes to call these little effects System Assessment Tool. To run them you have to follow this simple trick:

  • Click Start (bottom left of your screen)
  • Click Run
  • Digit one of these codes:
  • winsat aurora
  • winsat d3d -texshader -totalobj 15
  • winsat d3d -objs C(20) -texshader -totalobj 50
  • winsat d3d -totalobj 20 -objs C(20) -totaltex 10 -texpobj C(1) -alushader -noalpha -v -time 10
  • winsat d3d -totalobj 20 -objs C(20) -totaltex 10 -texpobj C(10) -alushader -v -time 10
  • Enjoy!

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