Issues with a foreign language? Try Forvo

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forvo.gifThis wonderful example of Web 2.0 is called Forvo and it is an online pronouncing dictionary. If you are studying a foreign language, you know only too well how hard it can be to pronounce a certain word fluently. Sometimes you may be at loss with some words because you really don’t know how to pronounce them and the only solution you have got, is to ask for help to your teacher or wait to hear it somewhere. If you are abroad instead and you want to ask the direction of your final destination, how many times have you tried to ask for help to a person along the street, just to find out that you can not say the name of a street or a location correctly? Forvo is meant to solve all these issues! Forvo contains hundreds of short files (around 2,5 sec per file) each containing the exact pronunciation of a certain word. Everyone can upload a word. You can do it anonymously or after a brief registration. So far Forvo contains around 900 different words pronounced in more than 177 different languages!

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