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This website is a a web content management suite that allows you to edit a website in seconds, thanks to an easy interface that uploads your website and lets you work on it, even with the help of other people. Of course everything is done while you are online. No special knowledge is required, no back-end skills necessary, you don’t even have to look at any piece of code. Just drag and drop. Type in the name of your blog in the field and you can start personalising it right away. It is very easy to use and is highly advisable to people who know very little about coding or don’t want to spend too much time to modify their websites.

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One Comment to “Edit your blog online with TypeRoom”

  1. Reilly Sweetland Says:

    Thanks for your review here!

    TypeRoom Lite is a CMS that is tailored for relatively simple websites. So as far as editing a blog, I’m not sure if TypeRoom Lite would be the best tool for that. Editing a static HTML website however is where this product shines (especially if you decide to use include files and editable regions).

    Our goal in fact was to create the simplest to use and install CMS ever, and then use this to introduce the foundation of our technology.

    TypeRoom Pro on the other hand is built for much larger and more robust sites…so keep an eye out for that : )

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