Picartia creates mosaics in a breeze!

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Have you ever seen those nice pictures which are made by hundreds of small, really small different pictures (a.k.a. mosaics) ? I have ever wondered about the procedure to make them, thinking that maybe just Photoshop experts could really produce those beautiful masterpieces. Well, now I know how to make them, and I know that it is not difficult at all. In fact, Picartia promises to change your ordinary pictures into beautiful mosaics composed by hundreds of different colorful pictures! The whole procedure is quite simply. First of all you have to go to Picartia website. No registration is required. Once there, upload your picture, pick up the gallery ( each gallery has a particular theme such as: babies, cities,birds, batterflies, kitties etc.) which is composed by pictures which will become part of the mosaic, and you are done: an email containing a link to your mosaic will be delivered to your email account! No extra knowledge is required. From now on you will be able to boast with your friends about the stunning creativity you have got!

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