How to test WordPress themes safely

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wordpress.jpgIf you have a WordPress blog and you want to test a new theme just to see how it looks like or if it works, sometimes you maybe at loss about how to try it without putting your blog on maintenance mode, or letting your readers see what kind of online changes you are doing while you are testing it. These two plugins I am about to speak of are meant to solve these kind of issues. User Level Themes and Theme Tester let you test your blog theme without affecting your readers’ navigation. The way they work is rather simple. Basically they redirect visitors to a known working theme, while they leave you free to test and work on your new theme. But let’s see together their most important features:

User level Theme

  • Two options are available if you want to test a theme namely: “Administrator Level” and “Visitor Level”.
  • User Level Theme uses WordPress Plugin Framework to work. WPF provides a standard administration interface and allow for simplified plugin management.

Theme Tester

  • Simple to use. One click and you are done.

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