Convert web widgets into Vista widgets with Amnesty Generator

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Have you ever wished to get that cute widget you saw on that website to put into your Vista sidebar? I think so. The issue is that, that nice widget can only survive in the Internet and can not be taken “as-it-is” to be used wherever you want on your computer! I mean, are you crazy or what? There are certain rules which have to be followed for the peace of mind of those people who want everything to be in order, tidy and within specific boundaries. Anyway, if you hate limits you can always download Amnesty generator for Vista! But what is that? Do you remember the nice, cute widget I told you some seconds ago? Well, now with this freeware software it doesn’t matter where it comes from (e.g. MySpace, blogs etc) and for what reason it was made. Just copy and past its html code into Amnesty generator and you will be able to use it on your Vista sidebar without missing a beat!

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