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browsers.jpgIf you have been following Web Talk for a while you should know something about the famous browser war which has been going on for some years. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera are fighting hard to persuade more and more users to change browser and download their latest versions, which promise to enhance our surfing experience to new and wonderful levels. So far Firefox is winning this tough competition, even if its competitors are trying their best to beat it up. But lets see together the most important features and the latest news about the most important browsers.

Recently Safari has released its latest version (3.1). If you want to know more about it, you can read this article. I like this browser a lot because of its nice, simple and polished design. Unfortunately, when it comes to picking up a browser, a person should look more for security than for its design. Safari is nice and all but it lacks of a malware filter and a proper anti-spyware system. Apart from this I have to confess that it is very fast as far as the downloading of websites is concerned. Anyway it is not as fast as Firefox. Mozilla teams has just released its Firefox 3 beta 5. If you want to know more about it, read this article. Firefox 3 has improved a lot recently as far as its resource consumption is concerned. In fact, one of its biggest issue was due to the fact that it sucked a lof of resources. Mozilla team has worked hard on this issue solving it almost completely. I like Firefox and it is my preferred browser. I use it daily and I can tell you that it is quite safe. It is fully expandable, thanks to its plugins, it is provided with an excellent system which signals fake websites (it could be considered an antiphishing filter), a pop-up blocker, auto-updater and options to manage sensitive infos sent through the Internet. That’s my first choice browser. Internet Explorer is my last choice. Simply I don’t like it at all. Despite the fact that the guys at Microsoft are working hard to improve it, IE is still far away from Firefox, Safari and Opera. The next release of IE will be number 8 but, as far as I can see, they are still far away from the final release since the browser is still under heavy development. So far, we can just download Internet Explorer beta 1, but Microsoft has stated that later this year we should be able to download the beta 2. If you want to know more about it, you can visit this page. A big limit of IE is that it is not open source. Its code is completely closed and because of it, it can not be improved by the big developer community available in the Internet. This leave all the hard work to the Microsoft guys which, so far, are taking their sweet time to improve it. Another big IE issue is that it doesn’t follow HTML standars and, because of it, it tends to render website in awkard ways sometimes. This send website developers crazy because a website could be fully compatible with Firefox, but when it is displayed by IE the results could be completely dreadful. In fact with Internet Explorer, objects, fonts and images in a website could be shown, aligned and placed in ways not wanted by developers. Opera is another nice browser. It is not very known, but anyway it is rich of features and widgets which can be used outside the browser itself. Opera is rich of security features such as: fraud protection (which protects you from websites trying to steal infos from you), security bar (which shows a lots of useful infos as far as websites and certificates are concerned), encryption (Opera supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL) versions 2 and 3, and TLS). If you want to know more click here.

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