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microsoft logoAccording to Microsoft support website there are 8 causes because SP1 won’t be able to be downloaded into your computer. These causes are listed from the less difficult one to the most tricky one. The most common cause is due to the fact that your update list is quite old. So, the first thing to do is to refresh if by follwoing these very east steps:

  1. Open Windows Update.
  2. Click “Check for Updates” in the sidebar.
  3. Give your computer a couple of minutes to get the new list of updates.

If you still don’t see the SP1 read the following articles from Microsoft support website and try to solve the issue by yourself. If you still don’t manage to get the solution, don’t forget that “Windows Update” is not the only way to get your SP1. As a matter of fact you can download it from other sources. Click here and start downloading it.

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One Comment to “8 causes why Windows Vista SP1 won’t download on your computer”

  1. anthony Says:

    when i tryto download it restarts then it dose a restore and goesback to the way it was plezehelp

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