Longitude 400 Mini Notebook Ultra Mobile PC

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It has been quite a long time since I last wrote about a new ultraportable being spotted in the wild. I was a little worried to tell you the truth. Anyway, thanks to 3K all of my worries have disappeared in while. As a matter of fact 3K has just unveiled its new ultraportable baby which, if you ask me, looks like Asus Eee a little too much! Anyway here are its specs:

  • It weights just under 2 lb.
  • 7-inch LCD TFT Display.
  • Linux Operating System included.
  • It also include an open source Office Suite with the following software: AbiWord – Opens Microsoft® Word Files, GNUMeric – Opens Microsoft® Excel Files, an E-mail Client, and a PDF Reader.
  • “There is a bundle of consumer software included with applications such as games, schedulers, music players, movie players, planners and more.”
  • 400Mhz CPU.
  • 3 USB connection ports and 1 Ethernet 10/100 LAN port.
  • Its price starts from $400.

Longitude 400 Mini Notebook Ultra Mobile PC will start being available in May. For more info click here.

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