Chat with your visitors thanks to Hab.la

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chatbox_windows.jpgIf you are a webmaster you know only too well how important to speak with your visitors is. This, not only to solve some issue or questions they may have about your blog, but also to link them to it, so that they will come back to see what is new. A wonderful and easy solution to start talking with your visitors is to open a chat to speak with them while online. Hab.la is a website offering you such a service for free. Basically, Hab.la is an easy-to-use chat to integrate in your blog. It doesn’t need any extra software nor special requirements to work, plus it is very simple to install. It works with Safari, Firefox, IE6, IE7, and Opera and rely on any Jabber client (such as: Meebo. Trillian. Pidgin. iChat …) to operate. Reading from the website: ” Hab.la lets visitors to your website chat with you without any extra chat software. Their messages show up in your favorite instant messaging app. Hab.la is easy for webmasters to set up and friendly to your visitors’ web browsers. Better yet, Hab.la is free.” I like the idea these guys have got. Chatting is a wonderful way to entartain your visitors, above all if you want your blog to get away from the idea somebody might have about it being cold, deserted and with no life. Showing the webmaster online gives people the impression they are not alone, and can get help whenever they want. Again, great idea!

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