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http://www.spacejock.com/yBook_Download.htmlIf you like reading books sitting in front of your computer (good for you, since I tried a lot of times but to no avail. I think to belong to the old school) then you may be interested in this nice piece of software which lets you have a book experience by displaying your e-books on your screen as if they were real paperback. Reading from the website’s programmer: “I wrote this ebook reading software to provide a ‘paper book’ experience on the computer screen: For a start, you get two pages side-by-side instead of just one page in the middle of the screen. (Although I have just added a single-page mode which should suit tablet PCs in portrait mode) Next, the pages turn when you click them, just like a real book. Finally, you can also select a textured background to make the pages look like real paper. yBook will read html files, text files, rtf files and pdb/prc files (Palm document format).” Other features include:

  • Run on every Windows operative system.
  • Resize the pages and define the margins.
  • Text, HTML, rtf, PDB and PRC reader.
  • Bookmark function.
  • Free to use.

If you want to download it, click here.

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