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microsoft logoSometimes, while validating your brand new copy of Windows Vista the following message could prevent you from finishing the whole activation procedure: “This copy of Microsoft Windows is not genuine”. This message is preceded by a 0×80070426 error. Something like this could even happen while downloading some updates. As a matter of fact the system could warn you that not all updates were installed because there was an illegal change in your hardware or your copy of Windows Vista is illegal. Even in this case, using WGA Diagnostic Tool, there could be a 0×80070426 error. Most of the times this error message means that the Software Licensing service is not running. To check whether this service is running or not (and to activate or fix it) on your computer follow the following trick:

  1. Click Start on your desktop (it is located at the bottom, on the left of the screen).
  2. Write services.msc in the search box and click on Services.
  3. If User Account Control (UAC) asks your permission, just click Continue.
  4. Look for service Software Licensing and click on it.
  5. A windows will appear. On it set Startup type to Automatic.
  6. Click Start located under Startup type.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Go to www.microsoft.com/genuine and click the Validate Windows button to re-validate Windows.

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2 Comments to “Windows Vista 0×80070426 error (activation or activation error)”

  1. Works Says:

    I kept getting this problem over and over, perhaps I just forgot what I did to fix it every time, but this is the one thing that works. No other good leads on Google. Thanks!

  2. Vista error 80070426? Says:

    […] Slsvc.exe error 0xd0000022. seems to be a windows activation problem try the following to see if it helps http://www.webtlk.com/2008/05/09/win…ivation-error/ […]

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