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mutapicMutapic is an interesting web utility letting you create, mutate and manipulate pictures online. Reading from the web site: “Mutapic is an online picture generator. It is a free tool you can use to rapidly create original art. Click on the green button to start.” So this online application is not a photo editor, but a wonderful tool almost specifically made for artists who want to create fancy artworks. It can also be used to create logos, icons, patterns, illustrations, and such just for fun. But how does it work? Basically, the main idea behind Mutapic is to blend two different pictures to create a set of new artistic images. Mutapic generates an infinite number of original images and icons using randomness, rules, recipes and elements that are shown as features on its complete palette. Some of its effects include: brightness, contrast, invert, translate, rotate, scale, shadow, gradient noise etc. If you are curious to see some artworks posted by people who have used it, click here. To start mutate your pictures, click here.

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