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After Skype for PSP, Nokia N810 and Sony Mylo, a version of the famous software has been recently released just for Java-enabled cellphones. This beta version is compatible with all the major cellphone brands. So far, around 50 cellphones are supported (for a complete list visit Skype website here). Skype for your mobile lets you use all those features included in the original Skype such as: Skype contacts, instant messenger, group chat, phone calls. The use of this mini Skype version is limited to the following counties: Brazil, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Sweden, and the U.K. Its download is for free but not its use. As a matter of fact you still need to pay the normal national or local rate plus an extra fee for Skype-out depending where you are calling to. This makes the use of Skype mobile more convenient for International phone calls. There are anyway certain kinds of limitations as far as international calls are concerned. Reading from Skype’s website: “ We strongly recommend that you use Skype for your mobile beta in your home country only as your mobile operator may charge you very high calling and data fees and roaming charges when using it abroad.” As far as data transfer is concerned: “ There’s a data charge from your operator. A person with 20 contacts, who’s online for 1 hour, IMs for 10 minutes and has a 20 minute call each day will use about 1MB of data per month. The more data you use, the higher your charges may be.” All these limitations and extra fees could make its use far less popular than is computer counterpart. To download it, visit this page.

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