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firefoxIf you installed Windows Genuine Advantege (WGA) addon in your Firefox browser, at a certain point you could wish to uninstall it from your computer and your life. This software serves only the purpose to bother you, and makes you curse at Microsoft when you try to download something from Microsoft Download Center. As a matter of fact, if you try to download restricted software, your browser will prompt you (thanks to the addon) to download and install WGAPluginInstall.exe which, once installed, will check if your Windows Vista or Xp is valid. WGAPluginInstall.exe installs npLegitCheckPlugin.dll and nsILegitCheckPlugin.xpt into Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft, as usual, has not given any way to uninstall the plugin, but luckily for us there is a little trick to get rid of it. Go to C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins folder, and then delete the npLegitCheckPlugin.dll file. Then, go to C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\components folder, and delete the nsILegitCheckPlugin.xpt file. At this point, if you want to see if you have really removed the plugin, on your Firefox address bar write: about:plugins. If any info related to the plugin appears you are done!

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4 Comments to “How to remove Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) plug-in from Firefox”

  1. Mrs Beauty Says:

    Thanks for your tutorial really helped me solve the problem. TQ

  2. Web Talk Says:

    Thanks peter for the link! That’s another way to solve this issue. Useful!

  3. Peter P Says:

    If this won’t work visit http://fixexe.com/ultimate-windows-genuine-advantage-wga-remover/ and install a patch.

    It worked for me..

  4. david Says:

    “If any info related to the plugin appears you are done!”

    I think you got it backwards. But thanks for the instructions anyway.

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