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There are a lot of ways to look for things on the Internet. Anyway, a lot of them might be simply too tricky and difficult to use because they involve the use of complicated pieces of code. If simplicity is the thing you are looking for when searching in the web, then you have to got to try Boolify.org. As a matter of fact, by using its boolean terms you can refine your search and exclude a lot of useless results, just to focalize your search on the things that really matters to you. But what does Boolean searh mean? They are instructions (AND, OR, NOT) which tell Google what and how to search, including and/or excluding infos you are or you are not interested in. Of course you don’t have to learn anything about boolean codes because Boolify.org, thanks to its simple interface, makes the use of these instructions extremely easy. Here is a brief explanation of how this website works.

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