IronKey 8Gb USB flash drive

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ironkeyIronkey has just released its new IronKey 8GB USB flash drive which promises you to be so tough, that you could even throw it under a truck without being afraid to lose any data! In fact, apart from its strong, rugged, waterproof and tamper resistant case, Ironkey is provided with some of the most secure software in the world such as: encryption keys, always-on encryption, password protection and two-factor authentication. If instead you are concerned about security while surfing you can use IronKey Private Surfing with High-Speed Tor Technology which lets you avoid all those threats which could compromise your security and private data. Reading from Ironkey Website: “Our virtual desktop customers have been eagerly awaiting IronKey 8GB drives because they are deploying large Windows desktops which rapidly wear out ordinary flash drives and most importantly need to be secured,” said John Jefferies, vice president of product marketing at IronKey. “Running virtual desktops from flash drives demands high performance with superior reliability which is why customers are choosing to deliver mobile desktops and business continuity solutions on IronKey.” Its price is set at $79. If you want to buy it, click here.

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