New ultraportable codename Yinlips Micro PC YDP-G77

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Just in case you were missing some news about more ultraportables, here is the brand new Yinlips Micro PC YDP-G77 which promises to fight back the Asus Eee and all its good and bad clones! This new ultraportable doesn’t make any exception anyway, since it looks like its big and more famous brother Eee. Yinlips Micro PC features include

  • Linux Operative System.
  • Wifi
  • YDP-G77 processor which runs at just only 400mHz.
  • 7” TFT screen.
  • 1.Simple usage basdifferent UIed on for common Internemedia tasks and funst & media tasks and funs
    .Rich Web browsing
    .Instant Messaging
    .On line Shopping
    .Movie Player
    .Music Player
    .Photo Viewer
    .eBook Reader
    2.Personal computer for all Office Works
    3.Integrated Open Source Application Software’s

    .Abiword –Word compatible
    .Gnumeric – Excel compatible
    .PDF Reader
    .Paint brush
    4.Embedded Software System for easy operating experience
    .Powerful CPU to perform demanding task
    .32 bit core 400 MHz speed
    .Rich display and interactive contents
    .Broadband Internet and rich Web content support
    .Full size keyboard
    .Low power consumption

    .Long battery life

    .Flash memory (Options for 500M, 1 G or higher)

No word about its price or its release date.

Source: yinlips.com

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