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flvpA few days ago I wrote a little trick about how to download YouTube videos without any software. Now I want to speak about a nice freeware software which lets you display the same YouTube videos and download them in a very easy way! Differently from the trick above which has some kind of limitation (in fact, with it you can not download those videos which have not been encoded in a MP4 format), this program promises you to download all videos without any limit. FLVPlay also gives your computer those features to search and watch YouTube videos without actually going to YouTube website. Reading from the website “FLVPlay is a freeware software providing functionality to search and view YouTube’s video collection, as well as download video assets to the desktop and mobile devices instantly….In order to install the application, your machine needs to run Adobe AIR 1.0, which is going to be installed prior to application installation, when you hit the “Install Now” button. FLVPlay is a clean software, does not contain adware, spyware or any other bundled applications. As it is tested by the Adobe QA team, you can find it on Adobe AIR Marketplace. Mac users can find it on Apple Downloads.” If you want to download it click here.

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