iPhone software 2.0 beta gets Geotag

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A new version of iPhone software (named 2.0 beta) has recently been released to a small group of enterprise partners in order to test its new features. The most important ones are the new “Location Services” which let iPhone take advantage of its camera and Internet connection to use GPS-based Google Mapping along with Geotagging…but what the heck does it mean? Basically “geo-tagging is the process of adding geographical identification metadata to media files such as latitude and longitude coordinates — or even names of places — so that those files can later be referenced, searched, and grouped based on their origin.” Furthermore , rumors report that The new iPhone software adds a new function to the general Preferences pane to enable/disable Location Services letting users decide if they want to get advantage of this new function in their camera application and want to send data over the Web. This service is not a novelty among cellphones, since a lot of them have already used it successfully for a lot of years. Anyway as the old saying goes…better late than never! So, well done iPhone!

Source: Appleinsider.com

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