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vistaperfectionOk, don’t get too thrilled about this. As a matter of fact to make this skin work on your iPhone you need a jailbroken iPhone (download the software to hack your iPhone here) with Summerboard and a few other apps. The theme include 90 Vista icons, custom boot and restore images, sliders, Vista login/logoff (lock/unlock) and sound effects, everything packed and arranged for your nice iPhone. The guy who has created this skin is at work to release a new version to make the whole procedure an easy task and not a pain in the butt like it is now! If you want to read the whole guide about this nice piece of hack, click here.

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3 Comments to “Vista Perfection 2.0 for your iPhone”

  1. Web Talk Says:

    try this guide down here. also, to download the software this guide is talking about go to this link here and read all the info and download under UPDATE 2.Try to sign up to this forum



    1. First Download VistaPerfection.

    2. Then Extract The VistaPerfection2.0.zip

    3.You Are Going To SSH Your Phone, If You Dont Know How To Do That, Look Around The Forum Or Download And Use iPhoneList.
    Download iPhone List HERE. Open The Newly Extracted Folder Called VistaPerfection 2.0. You Will Find 6 Folders. Drag The Folder Called VistaPerfection 2.0 To var/mobile/Library/Summerboard/Themes
    When You’re Done, Open Your SMBPrefs application (Summerboard), Press Themes And Press On The Newly Added VistaPerfection 2.0 Theme and Press Your Home Button.

    3. Then Scroll Over To Installer And Download The Categories Application.

    4. After You Download The Categories App, You Are Going To SSH Your Phone, If You Dont Know How To Do That, Look Around The Forum Or Download And Use iPhoneList.
    Download iPhone List HERE

    5. Then You Are Going To Open The VistaPerfection.zip And Notice That Theres A Folder Called “Categories Icons”. Open That Folder And Import All Files To Applications/Categories/Icons. Incase You didnt Notice, Those Are Your Categories Icons.

    6. Open Up Categories, And Add 6 Categories, Computer,Recycle,Documents,ControlPanel,Pictures And Games. Make Sure You Add The Corresponding Icons Per Category. DO NOT ADD ANY APPLICATIONS IN ANY CATEGORY YET!!

    7. After You Made All 6 Categories, They All Should Be Empty.

    8. Now Go To Your Home Screen And Make Sure You Line Up All The Category Icons And Sidebar Icons

    9. After You’re Done Lining Up The Icons Like The Picture Below Go To The Categories App. And Start Adding Apps Into The Categories You Just Made. For Example (Poof Applications Goes In The Recycling Bin Category)

  2. Ashley Says:

    Right now, im trying to figure out what source i need to get this theme on my itouch. I went on youtube, and other websites and such to figure out how to get this theme. but cant find and solid informatioin anywhere! Please help, and i would really appreitiate it. thanks so much!!

  3. berto Says:

    i am currently using this on my ipod touch but i did something that made the vista orb disapper.
    what can i do to get it back

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