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microsoftThere are a lot, really a lot of reasons not to be happy about the just released Windows Vista SP1, if you want a comprehensive list of issues and their solutions, visit this link here. What you can find here instead is a small list of issues (and the relative tricks to fix them) which are well known to Microsoft itself.

  • Software which have issues with Windows Vista SP1. As you should know Vista SP1 doesn’t solve many incompatibility issues but, wherever possible, it does its best to create new ones. Microsoft acknowledge this and released a list of what you can not install in your computer. Read this article (KB935796).
  • Because of an update (KB937287), you computer can go into endless reboots. If you want to fix this issue, read this article (KB949358).
  • After installing Windows Vista SP1 your computer may experience random crashes when you try to wake it up from sleep mode. The solution to this is to upgrade your BIOS.
  • Some people report sound system issues. Again, this problem is not totally unknown to Microsoft which dedicates a full article to it. Article (KB948481)

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2 Comments to “Different issues related to Windows Vista SP1”

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  2. SA Says:

    These issues sound vaguely familiar. Ahh, yes, with every new version of Windows we go through these very same problems! Personally, I am done dealing with all of this. I have moved over to Fedora 10 Linux, and I’m sorry I didn’t make the move sooner. I am free of problems with performance, compatibility, licensing costs, software costs, general quirks, and many other things with Windows. I’ve even wrote my own article to support my experiences:


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