Earning with Adsense: Path to Perfection

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I am fully aware that there are a lot of guides in the Internet speaking about this topic and how to make and increase money with Google Adsense, so I am more than sure that I will not add anything new in this article. Anyway one thing I can do is to order all the tricks I found while surfing and list them tidily, making attention to write just those ones which really worked for me and this blog. This post doesn’t promise to enrich you overnight, but assures you not to make any of those common mistakes people usually do when they decide to put Google Adsense in their websites. Just follow these tricks strictly to earn some money with your Adsense account. At least this is what happened to me! Ready? Here is the list.

  1. When it comes to Google AdSense, patience is what you need to succeed. Rome was not build in a day. There is nothing to worry about whether for 4,5,6 months or even more you will just earn few cents every day. That’s perfectly normal.
  2. Don’t think to set up a blog, put some Google AdSense and become rich in a matter of weeks. As a matter of fact the most important thing is not owning a blog, but what you write in it. As far as Google AdSense is concerned, Content is King, meaning that the more quality stuff you write, the more you attract visitors, the more these visitors click on ads, the more Google AdSense notices your site putting pertinent ads worth even 1 dollar per click.
  3. Write whatever makes your heart beat fast. I read almost everywhere that you should write keeping into account certain keywords. There are lots of websites giving you (for free or for some bucks) keywords which are paid a lot by Google advertisers and which promise to place into your posts ads which have a high CPC (cost per click). If on one hand this is true without any doubt, on the other hand writing about a topic you don’t like takes all the fun away from being a blogger. Write whatever you want, well not really whatever. Write what you like, but try to write quality stuff. Take also into account that you should write posts which have a certain relevancy among themselves. For example, you shouldn’t write about cars, shoes and weather in the same website. This may confuse your readers who prefer a particular topic and dislike another one. This can turn off some of them, and having less people in your blog means having less earnings.
  4. When do you start getting some money with AdSense? Well, there is not a rule. Anyway you should see some bucks when your blog manages to gather around 500+ unique visitors per day.
  5. How big do my posts have to be? When you write posts you should remember how Google AdSense bots work. These little spiders scan your blog several times a day in order to place relevant ads in your posts. But what do they scan exactly? They scan each word in your post, looking for the famous keywords. That’s why it is just reasonable to give them what they are looking for, by using synonyms and similar words. Here is an example. You want to write a post about a new Sony laptop. The first thing to do is to write the title which has to contain the words laptop and Sony at least once. Now It is the turn of the body of your post. Apart from stuffing two or three times the word laptop, try to write also other synonyms such as computer, PC and don’t forget the words Sony, Vaio etc. In this way when next time AdSense bots will scan the post, they will be fed with these keywords and will place very relevant ads. Of course you will see non relevant ads every now and then. It is just normal. But they won’t appear as often as before.
  6. Less AdSense means more AdSense. I was not prone to believe in this theory at first, but eventually I embraced it totally. Don’t stick a lot of Google codes everywhere in your blog and in its posts. Why? Because in the end it is just a matter of market analysis. The more space you create for advertisers the more they won’t compete among themselves in order to put their ads. This will affect your CPC, which will result very low in the end. If instead you put just a couple of AdSense codes in your posts, AdSense will tend to place those ads which, apart from being the most relevant ones, will be the ones with the highest CPC. That’s because advertisers bid more to get one of those spots.
  7. Don’t stick Google AdSense wherever you like, without following any common sense. Generally speaking you should follow the advice reported in this article and study the Google Heat Map carefully.
  8. Experiment a lot. Don’t leave Google AdSense code in one place and forget about it. Google Heat Map doesn’t work for everybody. If you don’t see a lot of results, experiment a lot by changing the position and the shape of your ads.
  9. Give Google AdSense bots some time to understand what is going on. Don’t change the position and shape of your ads every three days. As a matter of fact it is said that Google AdSense is updated every week end or at least every 7-10 days. If you made some change, before seeing if it works or not …wait!
  10. Do you have any ads which, despite you tried everything, tend to stay in your blog and, adding insult to injury, have a very low CPC? This is not an issue, just use Competitive Ad Filter in your Google AdSense account and get rid of them. But How do you know if an ads has got a very low CPC? Simple, join up adsblacklist.com and find out which ads gives you 0,01 cent per click! It is free! If you want to see which ads are running on your website, read this other article of mine.

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