Sony launches MicroVault Click USB dongle

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usb dongleSony has recently unveiled its new USB flash drive rich of features and highly performing. First of all let me clarify what “click” means. Basically this word is referred to its innovative, retractable design which lets users uncover and retract the USB connector for quick and easy use. I like this idea, mainly because people won’t loose their USB dongle’s cap anymore. I can’t think of how many of them I have lost during my “computer-life”! But let’s see into detail the most appealing features of this new USB dongle:

  • Nice design.
  • Blinky light when connected to the computer.
  • Windows® ReadyBoost™ compatibility.
  • 32MBps read and 11MBps write speed.
  • Storage capacity from 2GB up to 8GB (what about 16GB? I am really disappointed)

If you want to know more about this USB flash drive, click here.

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