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firefoxFirefox 3.0 RC2 has just been released. This new release is a further step toward the final version which will be officially launched somewhere this month, hopefully. This version doesn’t have many evident improvements nor new features. As a matter of fact the Mozilla team has tried its best to fix some of the most important and dangerous bugs which affected the previous release. If you want to read the release note of Firefox 3.0 RC2, click here. If you want to download this great freeware browser, just follow this link here.

Before downloading it, take into consideration the usual recommendations:

  • This version is not the final one but a release candidate, so no wonder if there is some bug. By the way, if you find a bug, you can report it to the Mozilla team by following this link.
  • This version is not intended for the final user. In fact it is a released for testing purposes only. My advise is not to be too greedy. Don’t download it right away because it could not work properly and could disappoint you a little bit.

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