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microsoftOne of the biggest annoying features in Windows Vista is, without any doubt, its notification icon and its security notification pop-ups which, when your computer is not safe anymore, appear on the screen reminding you of downloading, scanning, reading, clicking etc. Apart from the fact that when these pop-ups appear it doesn’t necessarily means that your computer is at risk, I don’t like the idea of having something which can bother me whenever it wants and regardless of what I am doing. If you think and feel like me, let’s see together how to disable this hunting feature with a simple trick:

  1. Double click on the Security icon in the system tray of your desktop. shield
  2. This action will take you to the Security Center window.
  3. On the left side of this window you should see a list of options. Choose the last one named: Change the way Security center alters me.
  4. Now a window should appear asking you to pick one of the three options available.
  5. Click Don’t notify me and don’t display the icon.

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2 Comments to “How to hide security notifications and its icon”

  1. Web Talk Says:

    You are welcome! hope to help you again and again! By the way, are you guys thinking to release any new release of your automatic wordpress update? I use it and i like it but mine doesnt work properly. It log me out even though it manages to update the blog.

  2. Keith Dsouza Says:

    Phew thanks, that icon has been sitting in my system tray since I disabled UAC now i can get rid of it

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