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microsoftAfter installing Windows SP1 a lot of users are experiencing a weird issue. In fact, all of a sudden all the icons on the computer desktop stop working, preventing people from starting the programs those icons represent. There are a couple of tricks to solve this issue. The first one lets you solve it once for all, the second one is a temporary fix and it is meant to let you understand if the video card is not up-to-date as you might think.

First Method

  1. Click Start.
  2. Click All Program.
  3. Click Accessories and right click on the Command Prompt.
  4. Select the Security Tab and choose “Run as Administrator”
  5. Click on Command Prompt and gain access to the DOS.
  6. Type SFC /SCANNOW This will scan and fix corrupted operating system files

Second Method

This method lets you understand if the issue you are experiencing has to do with the video driver which is not updated for you Windows Vista. It is not a permanent fix but just a temporary solution to the problem. Next time the icons on your desktop stop working press ctrl+shift+escape, click “Start Task Manager” and kill the explorer.exe on the processes tab. Then on the applications tab click File and choose ‘new task’, type explorer.exe and click ‘ok’ to restart it without having to restart the entire system. If this fixes your issue, you’d better start looking for the updated driver of your video card.

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One Comment to “Desktop icons stop working after installing Vista SP1”

  1. Jack Poitiers Says:

    This worked for my XP system as well, many icons just stopped working.
    You will need to have your installation disk handy!

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