Yahoo says no to Microsoft while kissing Google

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google The endless dance between Microsoft and Yahoo seems to be finished in a little nasty surprise (for Microsoft). As a matter of fact, while Microsoft was still exploring Yahoo universe trying to determine if anyone was interested in its bunch of money, Yahoo itself released a press stating that Microsoft’s proposal to buy Yahoo had ended without a resolution. Hours later, to Microsoft’s disbelief, (I am pretty sure about this) Yahoo announced a search-advertising partnership with Google. The Yahoo-Google partnership, which should last four years with options to extend to 10, will clash Google ads and Yahoo search results together. The money coming from this deal will be divided between the two companies, while Yahoo will keep its search engine and ads separate from Google. Yahoo stated that the arrangement will add $250 million to $450 million to its cash flow in the first year. This partnership won’t be locked anyway. In fact, Yahoo stated that they are looking for other search partners who are interested in this new business. If you want to know more, read the whole news directly from Yahoo News. Here are the previous articles speaking about Microsoft and Yahoo:

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