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listenandwriteIf you are an English learner, if you want to improve your English or if you are just looking for some fun while studying, then you have got to try this nice website called Listen-and-write.com. Listen and Write lets you learn English thanks to a lot of online dictations to exercise yourself with. The main page, apart from being very simple and with no eye candy stuff, contains a tidy list of dictations to play. If you click on one of them you will be taken to a page divided into two sections. The first one containing the whole audio file. The second one containing a space where you will have to write down all the words you will be able to recognize during the dictation. Usually every dictation is divided into chapters. You can select either which chapter to play first or the whole story. You can even choose your own level and start with something as simple as listening to separate words. A very useful website which is not just for students but for all of those people who desire to improve their English knowledge in a different way.

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One Comment to “Learn and improve your English with Listen and Write”

  1. dean Says:

    Thanks for sharing it! We’ll pass it along to our Kantalk user, too.

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