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Have you ever wished to manipulate your videos and create something totally different or funny out of them? It would be nice, right? I know what you are thinking about. You think that you need a software to modify your videos and most of the times this software is very expensive. Today modifying you videos won’t cost you a thing anymore, thanks to a new freeware software called DimP! But how does it work? DimP works in two simple ways namely:

  • DimP automatically extracts object motions from the videos.
  • DimP then allows the user to control video playback by scrubbing these objects on their trajectories.

If you want to know more about it click here. If you want to download the software, click here. DimP requires the following features on your computer:

  • Windows XP and Vista compatible.
  • 1 GB of RAM.
  • Microsoft .NET 2.0 runtime. Download it here (22 MB).
  • A VfW (Video for Windows) MPEG-4 codec such as ffdshow.

If you want to know how DimP works, watch the video now!

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