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googleA few months ago Google launched its new service to create web sites from scratch without knowing any programming language. Anyway the service was just reserved to companies and organizations that wanted to use it on their own domains. Starting from the 21st of May 2008 the service is open to everybody who wants to share their knowledge, hobbies, interests and such on the Internet. A Google website will have an extension such as: http://sites.google.com/[your-website]. On it you will be able to add as many pages as you wish and there will be no advertising nor any pop-ups, banners, buttons etc. It will be a space just for you. Your personal, free space where to experiment your creativity and let other people know about what you like. To help you create your website, Google Sites gives you a full set of tools to add pictures, documents, calendars, videos and gadgets to your pages. To start creating a website you need a Google account and sign-in to Google Sites. To know more about this new service visit this link.

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