Use different wallpapers while you are in dual monitors

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If you work on dual monitors, at a certain point you may need to set two different wallpapers for each of the screens, just to diversify and make them nicer. The solution here is to use a very easy and simple freeware software which makes the hard work for you. Its name is DislpayFusion and, as you can guess, allows you to use different wallpapers while working in dual monitor. Other features include:

  • Change your desktop wallpaper on a timer.
  • Integrated Flickr image search & download.
  • Easily manage application windows with fully customizable hotkeys.
  • Move windows to the next monitor.
  • Move windows to centre of the screen and size it to 75% of the work area.
  • Maximize windows so that they span all monitors.

This free application is quite easy to install and doesn’t take a lot of resources from your computer. The only thing it does is to add a little icon on the right-bottom part of your screen, thanks to which you can gain access to the software’s options. It is Windows Xp and Vista compatible. If you want to download it or if you want to know more, click here. If you wish to watch a video and know how it works, click here.

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