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firefoxIf you want to take the new Firefox 3 everywhere you go, here is an interesting application which can be useful to you. As a matter of fact the guys at Portableapps.com, right after a few days from the release of the new Firefox 3, have managed to release their own portable version of this famous browser. I want to point out that this version is the same as the original one. The only difference is that it doesn’t require to be installed. This makes it a good companion of those people who like having everything in their USB pens. The technology behind it is very sophisticated and assures that no data will be left on the computer you will stick your USB dongle into. As a matter of fact all the data concerned your surfing, passwords, sensitive information and such will be written in the pen drive itself leaving the host computer completely clean. The size of Fireofx 3 portable Edition is 8.0MB (download), 27-77Mb (installed, depending on features like anti-phishing). To Run, it requires 2000/XP/Vista, Wine on Linux/UNIX. The software is completely freeware and open-source. Download it now.

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