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If you own a trial Windows Vista or a Windows Vista RTM, or if you just downloaded and installed Windows Vista SP1 RTM, after a couple of reboots you will notice the dreaded watermark on the bottom right corner of your screen saying that your Vista is an “evaluation copy”. If you want to get rid of it, here you can find a little hack which lets you say goodbye to the hunting mark. This hack is quite useful above all if you have a laptop used to show your works during a conference of if you just don’t want to let other people know that “your Vista is not really yours but still belong to Microsoft somewhat”.

  1. Download this free patched file from one of these two locations, here and here.
  2. Go to: C:\Windows\System32\xy-XY and look for user32.dll.mui (this file makes the hated watermark appears on the screen). By the way, xy-XY is the folder which corresponds to your language such as: en-US for English, fr-FR for French etc.
  3. Right-click user32.dll.mui and select Properties. Click Advanced button. Go to Owner and click the Edit button. Select Administrator and click Apply. You should now have ownership of the file.
  4. Rename user32.dll.mui into user32.dll.mui.bakup so that you will have a backup just in case something goes wrong.
  5. Copy the patched user32.dll.mui file (point 1) to the same directory as the original file.
  6. Reboot and at this point you should have got rid of the watermark.

Source: keznews.com

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