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If you want to hack the Windows Vista Boot Configuration Data namely you wish to edit the BCD file in Windows Vista, you may want to read this other article of mine. Another solution is to download this excellent freeware software called VistaBootPRO. This free software lets you edit the BDC file in Windows Vista. But why should anyone modify such a file? The reply is quite easy. If you want to install a second operating system in your PC then you need this software for sure! As a matter of fact, by using it and editing the BCD file you will be able to get a dual boot mode. VistaBootPro works in Windows XP (Home, PRO, x64, MCE 2005), 2003 Server, Vista, or Longhorn Server. All systems must have .NET 2.0 Framework (but once you have installed the software you will be prompted to download Framework, so don’t worry). If you want to download it, or if you want to have more info, click here.
If you want to have two operating systems on the same machine here is a quick guide. Note: if you are not self-confident about what to do, or if you are a novice, please don’t try this procedure, since you could delete important files or cause major damages to your computer.

Assuming that your computer has more than one partition in its hard disk, here is what you have to do:

  1. Modify your BIOS in order to boot  from the CD drive.
  2. Insert Windows XP (note: this is just an example as you can decide to put whatever  Windows O.S. you wish) in your computer and reboot it.
  3. The well known screen where you can choose what partition to install will appear. Just install Windows XP on a free partition. ( I said: “free partition”. Don’t pick the partition where you have Vista or you will erase/damage it!
  4. Now, the good news is that you did it(!), the bad news is that once XP is installed in your PC, you won’t be able to boot into Vista anymore.
  5. In Windows XP. Install VistaBootPRO and open it.
  6. Click System Bootloader tab.
  7. Check the Windows Vista Bootloader and All Drives radio buttons, and then click Install Bootloader button.
  8. Now you will just be able to boot into Windows Vista. Let’s fix this issue.
  9. Still on VistaBootPRO click the Diagnostics tab and click Run Diagnostics.
  10. After the scan is finished, click Manage OS Entries.
  11. Highlight Earlier version of Windows and tick Rename OS Entry and give it the name of the new O.S. you installed previously (Windows XP).
  12. Click Apply Updates.
  13. Done! Reboot normally and you should see the dual boot screen.

Note: if while booting into XP you are confronted with an error such as: unable to find ntldr find the hidden files ntldr and ntdetect.com in the root of your Vista drive and copy them to the root of your XP. drive. If you are not able to locate these two files, you can get them in the \i386\ folder on your XP install CD.

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3 Comments to “VistaBootPRO edit the BDC file without worries”

  1. Tad Says:

    i have the Old Version before he sold eveyone out. and my version is freeware., i don’t see any defrents from the free version to the licences version.. basicly sounds like a cock of crap to me

  2. Web Talk Says:

    True. It used to be freeware. Thanks for the input.

  3. desrtfx Says:

    This program is not freeware, it’s $9.95 personal license.

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