Speed up your Windows Vista startup (shorter bootup)

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stmIf you are concerned about the boot time of your computer because, for instance, when you turn it on it takes too long to start, then you may be interested in a freeware software called Startup Manager which, as its name says, is able to manage your Windows Vista startup time in order to have a more responsive operating system. Basically this free application is able to display and check all the different loading programs to determine which one is slowing your machine down. Furthermore Startup Manager gives you all the information you need to determine which program belong to a specific process. In this way you will be free to understand and decide what you need from what you want to eliminate from the next startup. Startup Manger is easy to use because, once you have spotted a program or a process to eliminate, all you will have to do is untick the checkbox next to it to prevent it from starting next time you turn your computer on . Other features include:

  • Rename existing process
  • Delete existing process
  • Disable existing process
  • Enable existing process
  • Make a  list of programs that start in a certain order.
  • Compatible with Windows 95 up to Windows Vista

If you want to download it, click here. if you want to know more, click here. If instead you are interested in shutting your computer down quickly then you may be interested in this couple of hacks.

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