Surf anonymously with xB browser

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xb_browserIf you don’t want to leave any fingerprint while browsing in the Internet and you want to be invisible to the Big Brother, then this browser is for you. In fact with xB  you can surf anonymously thanks to its technology which takes advantage of the free anonymous network called Tor or through its distributor XeroBank’s networks (which comes with a price). Furthermore, once you close it, an automated feature will clear surfing history and  cookies so that you won’t leave any trace to the people after you. xB is not a new software at all, but it is just a modified version of Firefox, so you can stay assured that you will be able to surf websites with the latest html technology available. xB can be installed on a PC or an USB dongle, it is open-source and it doesn’t require any technical knowledge to set it up. Just install it and start surfing right away.  To download it or know more about it, click here.

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